Can I cook my fish from frozen? 

Most of our products have a protective ice-glaze to preserve the quality, so need to be thoroughly de-frosted in a refrigerator prior to cooking, then treated as a fresh product. Any products which are suitable to cook from frozen will clearly say on the packaging.

How long does the fish take to de-frost?

Ideally fish should be de-frosted in a refrigerator overnight.

Do you sell fresh fish?

No, all our products are delivered frozen. Freezing the fish as soon as possible after being caught ensures the quality is kept at a premium,.

Do I have to order from your on-line shop?

No we are happy to take orders via email or by telephone

What happens if I'm not home for my delivery?

We will arrange a new delivery date, however there may be a small charge

Can I have my order delivered to an address other than my home address?

Of course, as long as there is somebody to accept the delivery